AAPS news: A bi-monthly e-news letter will be published by AAPS on the scientific developments and events organized by plant science community in Asia. Highlights of the e-news letter will include biographies of eminent Asian Plant Science leaders and their path of success.
AAPS webinars: In the era of digital science, tech savvy researchers across Asia will be connected online to participate in webinars on topical issues and themes identified by AAPS.
Annual Proceedings: Research articles, commentaries, reviews and letters to the editors will be published on Annual basis as Proceedings of Asia Association of Plant Scientists (PAAPS). A limited number of research articles/ commentaries, reviews and letters to editors of very high merit after a strict peer- review will be published.
Annual Progress report: Annual progress report of AAPS on various scientific/education activities carried out will be presented in a progress report. Financial expenditure incurred out of membership/donations will be presented at the Annual event. 
Country focus: AAPS will organize a monthly research focus on each country, issues pertaining to all sciences and converging to plant sciences will be deliberated at the Asia level and subject specialists will embark upon finding the ways of resolving the issues identified.